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Weight Set Point - You & Your Weight

In the spirit of self vetting, I admit that I weigh myself first & last thing each day. I eat more or less the same things every day. I work out every day. Of course no two days are the same. Some days I deviate from the plan. I've been known to exercise the nuclear eating option. Somehow when I step on the my scale before I go to bed, I land on the same weight (to the nearest tenth) that I landed on many other days. It's uncanny. Weight set point might provide some insight into your weight.

weight set point

If you consume 2,500 calories a day, you will consume 60,403,850 calories in an average lifetime! However there is a lot more going on than what goes in, what stays in & what goes out. Usually the brain is front & center when it comes to eating & drinking. You could call it homeostasis. Thermostat works as well. You could call it the body's equilibrium. Everybody has a "normal" set body weight. You can reset your weight set point up or down. It's not easy because your brain will fight you tooth & nail.

holy hormones

When you increase or decrease your weight, your brain will adjust your metabolism & your hormones. Your 2 "hunger hormones" are leptin & ghrelin. Leptin acts as an appetite suppressor. Ghrelin increases your appetite. If you lose weight, your brain uses leptin to store more fat. Insulin regulates blood sugar & energy. The brain decides how much insulin will be employed as energy & how much insulin will be stored as fat.

"Slowride, take it easy."

It's an uphill battle to lose or gain weight. Ok the latter is a little easier & infinitely more enjoyable. You should take slow incremental steps to change your weight. If you want to change your weight, give yourself 6 months to gain or lose 10% or less of your weight. When you take it slowly, your brain is much less likely to overact & adjust your metabolism & hormones. Once you get to your target weight, your body requires an additional 4 to 8 weeks before it accepts your new weight set point. Thanks for reading.

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