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Try not watching these videos & living to 100 - top 7 nutrition videos.

This is the best blog about nutrition videos that you have ever read or watched. Hands up. Hands down. Do the hokey pokey. Classy. If it didn't exist, I would make it exist as an executive order. Nobody does that better than me. Amazing. It has words. It has videos. No expenses were spared. Best ever. It has REAL facts. Only losers & haters wouldn't love this blog very very very much. If this blog were a mountain, you would call it Everest. Unbelievable.

You know what you can do with your shiny new alternate reality great nutrition videos lists. I'm making America really really really great one blog at a time. This is huge. Putin loves it. May, Nieto, Abe, Trudeau & Netanyahu. All of them besties can't get enough of it. The blacks. The latinos. Watch me save Baltimore & Chicago with the power of my words & videos. Even bad bad bad hombres like it. That was my best as well as my only Trump impersonation. I will not quit my day job. I combed the EARTH. I looked low. I looked high. I drained the swamp only to refill it.

My criteria for best nutrition videos is short yet extremely rigid.

1. Videos may not exceed 5 minutes. If you can't get to the point in 300 seconds, you're disqualified because this blog caters to people like myself with short attention spans.

2. Videos must inform if not blow your mind. Education comes first, second & third. Videos must be available in the public domain. Private videos need not apply.

3. Videos must contain some eye popping candy. At my age I need my visuals short & snappy.

4. Videos must be hilarious. If a video only satisfies rules 1 & 4, that's ok because laughter trumps learning every day of the year. On the other hand, if a video satisfies rules 1, 2 & 3 but not 4, that's ok as long as it has a wow factor of at least 8.5.

It's important to note that while these nutrition videos are the cream of the crop, I have listed not ranked them. I hope you learn a little something & have a little fun doing it.

1) I know it's a not a big surprise that brainy Ted Ed made a video about the brain.

2) Ok you'll find this out soon enough: this video runs 5 minutes & 3 seconds. You know what else? It has almost 5,000,000 views!

3) The first 2 videos were undeniably great. However it's time to relax your brain & exercise your funny bone. I bring you the name & the face associated with America's most compelling new minivan. My whole small family loves this guy. That counts for something. Right?

4 & 5) BuzzFeed has many great yet similar nutrition videos. I had an orange devil of a time choosing just 2 of their videos.

6) This next one is about calories. Don't expect an uplifting experience. Do expect several aha moments.

7) I have to be the least hip guy in the world because up until today I had never heard of Studio C. Apparently Studio C has been around since 2012 on this little contraption called the internet. My shame is your gain. Enjoy and thanks for reading & mostly viewing my blog.

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